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Chemical Distribution

Isochem Group is committed to bringing global chemical manufacturers to local markets. Markets today are more transparent with immediate access to price and product information through the internet. However, the complex nature of chemical transport, handling, and cross-border regulatory framework require allocating valuable resources. Isochem has expertise across multiple jurisdictions in efficiently distributing raw materials from our warehouses strategically to our manufacturing customers. With an extensive network of 3PL warehousing partners, Isochem can set up stock points for our customers close to their plants with the ability to reduce lead times and eliminate the risk of product shortages.

We work with our clients to transfer the risk associated with price fluctuations, currency fluctuations, supply shortages, plant shutdowns, and financing, allowing them to focus on creating value for their stakeholders.

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Our Chemical Distribution Services

Isochem Group is one of the fastest growing chemical distributors with operations in several markets servicing over 50 industries. Isochem Australia Pty Limited has a national distribution set up in Australia with warehousing and trucking in 4 major ports: Sydney, Melbourne, Freemantle, and Brisbane.
Isochem North America Inc operates in the NAFTA region with a sales office in New York and regional distribution in key locations; Houston, Dallas, Savannah, Long Beach, Chicago, New Jersey, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.
Isochem Indonesia Pte has warehousing and distribution in Semarang, Surabaya, and Bali, as well as multiple regional agents throughout the region.
With a robust regional setup, we assist manufacturers in gaining access to new markets and segments without high entry costs while helping the local industries access word-class raw materials efficiently at competitive market prices.
Adding value across the supply chain Isochem Group is the perfect partner to develop new markets and simplify the purchasing function.

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