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One key factor that ensures high-quality and efficient processing of polyurethane is mixhead technology. Developing and manufacturing high-pressure mix heads require a great deal of know-how and many years of experience. Hennecke has outstanding expertise in this area and makes its mix heads (apart from a few standard parts) in its manufacturing halls. This is a novelty in the competitive European market. It is also why many leading PU processors prefer mix heads from Hennecke. They know from experience that high-quality design pays off in the production process.


Slab stock Lines

Slabstock foams are used when cushioning, and insulating qualities combined with low weight are essential. Processors who want to be competitive and conform to market requirements must be able to offer their customers high-quality products with a wide range of specific properties. Here, continuously as well as discontinuously operated slabstock systems technology from Hennecke provides the decisive advantage. Various technologies allow processors to achieve an extremely high degree of material yield. It is not without reason that Hennecke is the global market leader in this segment, offering a wide range of plant configurations for standard and exceptional foams. In addition, we can also provide our customers slabstock systems technology that has been specially developed for test series and laboratory purposes.


Sandwich Panel Lines

Rigid polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulating materials. It is therefore used in composite metal elements in industrial and cold store construction, supermarkets' cooling chambers, and trucks' thermal assemblies. With its highly developed continuously or discontinuously operating sandwich panel lines, Hennecke has played a decisive role in this success story right from the start. With the company Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH, the Hennecke Group also has a highly-specialized supplier of high-performance trapezoidal sheet roll forming systems, which can be seamlessly incorporated into the existing plant concept of Hennecke's CONTIMAT continuous sandwich panel lines. In the continued production of sandwich elements with metal facings, Hennecke is also one of only a few suppliers that can offer its customers effective and complete solutions from a single source.

Machinery & Technology

Isochem Group is unique in that our offering also includes a range of machinery and technologies designed to assist manufacturers set up world-class facilities.

As an exclusives agent for Hennecke, Isochem has access to one of the world’s leading innovators of Polyurethane technology.

Hennecke has one of the most diverse ranges of PU machinery:

For further on the full range of Hennecke technology please visit www.Hennecke .com

Hennecke Machinery

Metering Machines

Mixing and metering without any quality compromise with machine technology for every conceivable and inconceivable application: for more than 50 years, metering machines from Hennecke have been synonymous with top-quality polyurethane processing and have been the centerpiece of countless processing plants. The Hennecke line-up comprises modular configurable systems for small to large outputs with first-class metering pumps, a great choice of state-of-the-art mix heads and intelligent automation.

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